Go on a Writing Retreat to Kick Your Writing into High Gear

Late July 2012: Nomi heads for the hills to write (near Mariposa, California).
Can you spot my writing companion? (Thank you, Barbara, for hosting my retreat!)

Are piles of paperwork, screaming kids, and day-to-day responsibilities keeping you from your writing? One thing that has always helped me get back on track with a project is to get out of town.

Before I wrote on the computer, I loved going camping to write. (Yes, I used to write my first draft longhand!) One time, when I was having difficulty with a particular chapter, I went to Palomar Mountain (San Diego County). I set up my tent and made myself a promise that I wouldn’t leave the mountain until I had finished the chapter. I didn’t care how long it took. I ended up staying a full week but I headed down the mountain with a finished chapter tucked under my arm.

If cost is a concern (and you’re not the camping type), think about whether you have a friend in the boonies with a guest cottage or perhaps you know someone who needs a house sitter. Another possibility is a retreat center; some spiritual retreat centers are quite affordable.

It’s important that you go somewhere where there’s not a lot of cultural diversion (i.e., New York City is probably not the most conducive to a focused retreat). If there’s a choice of a room with no T.V., go for it and dive into your written world.

If you’ve done a writing retreat, please comment and tell us about it!


7 comments on “Go on a Writing Retreat to Kick Your Writing into High Gear

  1. Subtlekate says:

    I did do a writing retreat and I blogged a little about it. I had a very productive time. There were only a dozen people, a few other writers – the rest were artists and there was designated quiet time through the day so I didn’t spend the time chatting to other people rather than writing. I got an amazing 10,000 words down in three days and they were good ones too. The evenings were spent talking about our progress and generally getting to know each other. I’m not an overly sociable person and I went not knowing anyone but I am so glad I did and I would gladly do so again.

    • writingcoachnomi says:

      Thanks for sharing, Subtlekate. I have yet to go on a group retreat. I usually go to the mountains or the dessert on my own. I’d love to go to a writers’/artists’ colony sometime.

  2. Lori says:

    I was just directed to your blog, and look forward to participating in an upcoming class!

    I, too, have found “getting away” remarkably productive, especially when the blocks hit. I haven’t been to a retreat per se, but I’ve closed myself off in a cabin with nothing but wine, cheese and salads. Worked wonders…and now I’m wondering why I haven’t done it in over a year!!

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