• Editing

  • Writing and Ghostwriting (books, proposals, web copy, blogs)

  • Manuscript Critiques

  • Workshops (see Workshops page for details)

  • Private Coaching (phone, Skype, or in person)


A Word about Private Coaching

As your writing coach, I sit down with you face to face (or on the phone or via Skype). We work together in support of your creative process, to achieve your creative goals.

I customize each session for you, depending on your needs. I may help you find your voice and vision. Or I may guide you–step by step–through the process of writing a book. We may focus on the creative process itself or on goal setting and deadlines.

I bring to the table many years of experience as both a book editor and a published writer. I also draw on body-focused practices that work beautifully to unstick the stuck places and get past writer’s block. You will learn that staying present in your body is the path to a treasure trove of new material. It’s also the key to quieting the Inner Critic.

In a safe space, you’ll take risks, try out new ways of writing, move past blocks, find your rhythm and voice, and grow as a writer.

If you work with me on a regular basis, you’ll find that you actually want to get your writing done. You may even delight in the process! My support allows you to be accountable–to show up 100% for your writing . . . and for yourself.

To set up a session or to find out more, please email me at: Nomi.theWriteCoach(at)


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