About Nomi’s Writing, Editing, and Guidance

“I would recommend Nomi to anyone writing anything. She has the insight and intelligence combined with an innate ability to help you figure out what you want to say and how to get going!”

— T. Frank

“Nomi, you are so professional and have such a big heart. You didn’t just write well, or work well, you got inside my head and became me. You were my voice and my witness and told my story better than I could have myself. You are such a great writer, a true artist and a genius. Thank you for working with me, it has been the greatest adventure, a true joy and I didn’t want it to end! Bravo!”

— Ellie Laks, Author (with Nomi Isak) of My Gentle Barn, (2014, Crown/Random House)

“About a year and a half ago, before I consulted with Nomi Kleinmuntz about my personal creative writing practice, I felt uninspired, and I feared my most productive days were behind me. Nomi straightened out my mind about this. The muses don’t desert us, she assured me emphatically. And as for me not having the energy I had when I was younger, Nomi argued—correctly, as it turns out—that creativity brings its own energy. I only needed to let go of the fantasy I had of my younger self in order for a new vision of my writing life to be born. “Write from where you are,” she advised me. “If you’re sad, write from there. Chances are you’ll move through it, maybe even that same day.

I found Nomi’s coaching to be authentic, caring, grounded, wise, insightful, and extraordinarily effective. Thank you again, Nomi!”

— Marc Polonsky, freelance writer

“You’ve managed to magically provide a safe environment that’s allowed all of us to write about things we would otherwise never speak of, and there’s something very liberating about your method. . . . Thanks again for being a super mentor!”

— Ally S.

“Nomi is an excellent writing coach and teacher.  She doesn’t push; her gentle nudge in the right direction works wonders. I’ve ‘re-upped’ four times for her classes and found something new every time. I highly recommend any class she teaches, any workshop she leads.”

—Renee Laurents

“Nomi helped me open the door to my creativity in such delightful ways!  Her workshop was an absolute treat for all my senses, leaving me overall inspired to find new outlets to my expression.”


“I found my way to your workshop at a pivotal point in my writing process. The techniques I learned opened up my writing and allowed me to connect with my authentic voice in a truly novel way. Your nurturing manner inspires the writer in us all to be true to our unique creative expression. Thank you!”

—Lisa Joy

“Thank you for a masterful presentation . . . it led to a meaningful writing experience for all.  You did a phenomenal job of enabling a large number of people to feel an intimate connection with the process. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit.  Everyone was touched by your work.”

— Ping Ho, Founding Director, UCLArts and Healing

“I never thought that I could really write well… Until I found Nomi and her classes. She inspired and encouraged me to write my memoirs. And has an excellent skill for critique and editing.”

—The late Jack Root, Retired US Marine

“Outstanding insight, experience, and  compassion . . . Nomi is the writer’s bodhisattva.”

—Sande, Writer and Buddhist priest

“Thank you for such a wonderful, inspiring class!”

—Hannah Sward


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