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When you sit down to write (and to share your writing) in the company of others, you are giving yourself a profound gift. Your stories no longer live locked inside you, but are witnessed and held by a group, by a community.

There are no upcoming writing workshops at this time, but please check back soon!

Nomi is currently co-facilitating conscious embodiment workshops in Santa Monica, California. Cultivating an Embodied Life (for women) begins again in October 2016. This is a  somatic movement workshop, which also includes improvisational storytelling. She is also co-leading a workshop (for men and women) at the 10th Annual SOMAfest.

If you’re interested in taking a workshop with Nomi, email her at Nomi.theWriteCoach(at)


4 comments on “Workshops

  1. jacks003 says:

    I live on the east coast, but would love to pick your brain. I’m trying to put together a memoir of my own. How can I contact you? Thanks so much!

    • writingcoachnomi says:

      Hi “jacks003”: Send me an email at Nomi(dot)theWriteCoach(at)gmail(dot)com. There’s a direct email link on my Contact page, if that’s easier. If you like, you can include your phone number, if you’d like me to call. I work with people all over the world via phone and Skype, so not a problem that you’re on the East Coast.

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