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Over 20 years experience – nearly 40 published books

Nomi Isak

Nomi Isak

Nomi Isak (aka Nomi Kleinmuntz) is an award-winning book editor and writing coach based in Los Angeles. She has been the editor on nearly forty published books, and her clients include the J. Paul Getty Museum, Time-Warner AudioBooks, University of California Press, and numerous individual authors. She was the developmental editor on Illuminating the Renaissance (J. Paul Getty), which won the prestigious international Eric Mitchell Prize in 2004. She also was an editor on Carleton Watkins: The Complete Mammoth Photographs (J. Paul Getty), winner of the 2012 Kraszna-Krausz Best Photography Book Award.

A writer and ghostwriter, Nomi has ghosted both fiction and nonfiction books, including Ellie Laks’s memoir, My Gentle Barn (Harmony/Crown/Random House 2014). She is also at work on her own novel and has been published in regional magazines. (She is happy to provide a list of publications.)

Nomi has been facilitating writing workshops since 2001. She has created workshops for numerous organizations, including UCLArts & Healing, UCLA Extension, and Art of Daybreak. She also offers writing workshops privately and coaches writers one-on-one.

Nomi’s training in Somatic Trauma Resolution and background in improvisational movement inform both her own writing and the coaching of others. She worked with Camille Maurine (Moving Theater) for over a decade, bringing her own work to the stage numerous times. Other movement training includes Gabriel Roth’s Five Rhythms and Continuum with Emilie Conrad. Nomi also has a background in Tai Chi and Vipassana Meditation (in the lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh). Finding that somatic (“of the body”) practices greatly enhance the creative process and help quiet the Inner Critic, Nomi weaves embodiment practices and sensory awareness into her work with writers.

It is Nomi’s passion—and her honor—to work with writers to find their truest, most vibrant expression.


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  1. lou says:

    I found you by looking for someone who knew how to punctuate on a dumb phone. This is my first blog subscription. I have been attached to the Helium site for many years but have lost interest in the way they do business.

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