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Nomi Isak (aka Nomi Kleinmuntz) is an award-winning book editor and writing coach. She has been the editor on more than 35 published books, and her clients include the J. Paul Getty Museum, Time-Warner AudioBooks, University of California Press, and numerous individual authors. She was the developmental editor on Illuminating the Renaissance (J. Paul Getty), which won the international Eric Mitchell Prize in 2004. She is also a writer herself and has been published in regional magazines. Currently she is at work on a novel.


7 comments on “Nomi’s Blog

  1. Renee Laurents says:

    Hey, Nomi, glad you entered the blogosphere! Folks, Nomi is a great writing coach. Follow her blog, take her classes. You’ll love it!

  2. Allan Cameron says:

    To blog …or not to blog? That was the question.
    Whether ’twas nobler to suffer the slings and arrows
    of cyber exclusion….
    – or dive into the social congestion
    of BLOGOSPHERE – with all its possible confusion.

    Nomi thought to take the plunge
    and publicize her voice
    – her Inner Critic could be expunged
    and free flow be her choice.

    She realized it could be risky
    to swim in waters full of snipes
    where grammar gremlins could prove frisky
    and niggling naiads play their pipes.

    But undeterred, she spread the word
    and splashed the news around –
    she’d lap the pool with comments cool
    and Blog friends would abound!

    TOAST: “A tot of grog to your new WEBLOG!

    Allan Cameron

  3. Carlene Brown says:

    Ditto to Renee’s comment!

  4. This is very cool stuff. I was up late at night facing my “What am I doing up so late and if I am up this late I should be creating SOMETHING” voice and I opened up to this. Glad I did. Yup. It is fear.
    When I go to draw something I always run into my inner “You can’t do it” voice. And it’s true. I sit down and do it anyway. Not easy but doable. Hue go NOMI!

    • writingcoachnomi says:

      Thanks for reminding us, Monica, that it’s not just writers who face resistance and the Inner Critic. It’s anyone who is creative or has a vision.

  5. Rosalie says:

    Hello Nomi ! I Just wanted you to know how much i enjoyed your class at SB what a wonderful and enlightening experience sorry i missed the last class wanted to thank you for opening up those windows in my mind that were so full of dust and stale scent of a lost dream you are truly gifted and have made me realize that i can restore my will for writting with endless possibilities awakening just screamimg to get out! Thank you again.

    Sincerely, Rosalie

    • writingcoachnomi says:

      Thank you, Rosalie. I’m very touched by your comment. I absolutely loved having you in class!

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